Miss MarjoribanksQuestions up for debate:

1.) Which candidate do you (not the people of Carlingford) think is better for Parliament, Mr. Ashburton or Mr. Cavendish? Why?
– Dr. Marjoribanks wrestles with his opinion (353 bottom)
– Colonel Chiley’s opinion (364 middle)
– Lucilla’s opinion of Mr. A in social circles (365 middle)
– Summary of both candidates (371 all)
– Mr. Centrum’s conversation with Cavendish (384 bottom-385 top-middle)

2.) Did Dr. Marjoribanks suspect he was going to die so soon, or was he simply reminded of the fact that the end eventually comes via Mrs. Chiley’s health and his worry for Lucilla?
– Dr. M and Lucilla discuss Mrs. Chiley’s health (391 top)
– Dr. M suggests Lucilla marries (392 middle to bottom)
– Mention of change/”next morning” reference (393 top)
– Lucilla talks with lawyer John Brown (408 bottom – 409 top)

3.) Although they can’t legally vote, do the women have influence over the outcome of the election? If yes, how? If no, why not?
– Lucilla: Mr. Ashburton’s campaign manager (341 middle)
– Does a “woman’s touch” matter? (342 middle, 355 middle)
– Spin Doctor (362 middle, 363 top, 369 top, 372 bottom, )
– Social talent a plus (367 top)
– The last word on politics (394 middle)

4.) Will Lucilla live a “single woman’s life” successfully at her father’s house? What details support your theory?
– Aunt Jemima’s practicality (413 bottom half)
– Public opinion (417 top half)
– The first declaration (not solely) of independence (420 middle)
– Consider the House (420 bottom)
– Curbing Nancy (424 bottom)