Pets Add LifePets Add Life (PAL), a campaign to promote responsible pet parenting, has officially declared November 19th National Get a Pal For Your Pet Day. We are so on board. We love having multiples.


This morning, we had a zoo of a time taking all four animals to the vet – at once. As pet parents, my husband and I found the outing great fun (the exams were strictly checkups), but Emmett, our hound, was stressed. Emmett equates vet visits with the time he had 25 staples.

Having our amiable Newf, Shamus, by his side tells Emmett that the vet is not so bad. The same can be said for our two cats. While they don’t mind the vet, Jed dreads the car. Placing the cat carriers face to face let’s Jackson’s calm demeanor comfort his feline brother.


Of course, having multiples seems obviously beneficial during today’s vet visit. But we see constant benefits in our daily living, too. One alerts the other about fun things to sniff out, and they exercise each other in rousing games of chase. And tell me these guys don’t deeply love each other, especially in their down time.


Did a sense of calm take over as you watched our fur-kids cuddling? Did you feel your blood pressure drop? If that second question is difficult to answer, that’s okay. It’s a medically proven fact . (See articles below.) My animals truly calm my restless spirit. I’ve learned to seek that out when I need peace. You can too.

And just as it’s important for humans to have meaningful relationships, PAL says:

Pets can also benefit immensely from additional animal companions. Giving your pet a friend allows it to interact with other animals, which results in a more active and social animal. Studies have even shown that multiple pets can help ease a pet’s separation anxiety from its owner, as well as revitalize older animals when a new pet is introduced.

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If you are considering owning multiple pets, the following resources prove that getting that new cat or dog can be really good for you.

And please, consider adopting that 2nd, 4th or 6th pet. (We have 7.) So many perfectly healthy and well behaved animals sit in shelters simply because financial times fell hard upon pet owners. Many of these pets are pure bred, if that’s your thing. (I love the mutts.) Give one a second chance for the sake of your pet, yourself and that animal whose life you save from needless destruction.

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. While I am compensated for spreading the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership, I take part because I believe strongly – with the destruction of 4 million perfectly adoptable animals in the US alone —  in the grand importance of this mission!