The bees are back. To add insult to injury, after the Shock and Awe Campaign had proven impotent, we have been struck on our home turf once more.

Last month, I lifted the cover off the pristine white box of our wedding album and… screamed. There, curled up front and center, snuggled into the cover, was a mouse fully enjoying the Big Sleep. How he got there is a mystery, but one we will never forget.

None of the album’s pages were discolored and only the box, immediately stored in the outside trash, bore a tiny trace of fluids. There was nothing to clean since the critter looked somewhat freeze dried and intact, but I’m pretty sure the reason we didn’t notice the odor of rotting flesh is because the book absorbed every last perfumed ion. Just the day before my discovery, Tim and I had detected something pleasantly aromatic wafting through the house, something like Asiatic lilies, although we had none in bloom inside our out. That scent source was never discovered.

Our photographer gave us the big “SOL” response to our inquiry of remedying the situation, but I refused to give up. It was heart breaking not to try SOMETHING. I placed the album in a Hefty bag along with tons of coffee filters filled with baking soda. (Tim was sure to tell me that even if this worked, he was never going to touch our pictures again.) Two days later, after a bout with high heat and humidity, the book smelled far worse than death. I gave in. We took the entire wedding sack to the dump.

Albumless and sad, we are hanging in there. Nearly a month later, we are still awaiting a quote on the replacement. Like we have a spare $G or two hanging around for a reprint…

Happy first anniversary to us.