I received an invitation from Jai Johnson last week to have a portrait done of our dog. Jai is an artist, jewelry designer, photographer, writer, and animal lover from Jackson, TN and she is currently working on a painting series called Dogs with Toys.

The minute I saw Jai’s work, I sent her one of my favorite photographs of Shamus. She took the time to get to know him by reading This One Wild Life and watching Shamus’ videos. One week later, Jai had captured his essence entirely and named her piece “Gentle Soul.” It couldn’t be a more perfect way to commemorate?our first anniversary since Shamus’ adoption.

Shamus by Jais Jewels

The Gentle Soul Fine Art Print is now available to the entire world for under $20. Click Shamus’ image for Jai’s online store. If you’re short on wall space, there are plenty of other Gentle Soul products available. (See below.) Of course, I’ll be purchasing one of everything!

Your dog could be chosen to be in the Dogs With Toys series too. Just share a photo of your dog playing with balls, stuffed toys, squeaky toys, or toys which aren’t necessarily traditional (our yard rake comes to mind). Visit Jai’s submission page to see how.

* The “Gentle Soul” text can be replaced with the text of your choice on several of the items above.

** In the spirit of full discloser, I signed on as an affiliate to help promote Jai’s store. If you purchase any of Jai’s products through this page, I’ll get a few pennies to feed Shamus his dinner at no additional cost to you.