Because I couldn’t have said it better, I share this letter from Bz Tat, the talented painter behind Okey’s Promise:

Tuxedo Cat MuralOkey’s Promise is a public art project that brings awareness to an important issue that is relatively unknown to the general public: the connection between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence. Often people think that tending to abused and neglected animals is a noble endeavor, but not as critical as other causes such as those affecting children. Years of research and my own years of experience as a counselor with children have shown otherwise.

When animals are in danger, chances are, children are too. It is essential to tend to both animals and children in our communities.

The short video below explains the issue and the genesis of the Okey’s Promise project. I hope that you will consider watching the video and visiting both my Kickstarter fund raising page and website dedicated to the project. Any moral and/or financial support you can lend will be very valuable to me.

Time is of the essence. Kickstarter is a time limited program. [More than half way to the fundraising goal, this project will only be funded if $5,000 is pledged by Thursday, Jan 27, 12:12PM EST.]

If you have already pledged support, thank you SO much!

If you have or have not yet pledged support, please share this with others who you think may want to lend their support by forwarding this email to them. If you know of any corporate sponsors who would like to back the project, please forward to them as well.

Pledges can be made in any amounts over $1. Every little bit helps! Your pledge goes to help intervene with animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence. It also helps support the arts by sponsoring an artist and creative entrepreneur in establishing her career in creating socially relevant public art.

Thank you so much for your interest. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here are the links to the Kickstarter fund raising page and the Okey’s Promise website: