One year ago, this month, I landed in Ghana. It was a time of great hope there as presidential candidate Barrack Obama spoke of change. Regardless of which side of the aisle one cheers for, if any, the fact of the matter is that Obama was a hero to Ghana long before becoming president. McCain was seen as one more Bush while Obama’s face was seen on tee shirts, posters and on the cover of books sold on every Ghanaian city street.

Fast forward exactly one year…

Cape Coast Slave CastleI’m watching President Barack Obama on AC360 as he walks through the Cape Coast Slave Castle, feeling the power of a place I too visited. It is powerful too, that place, hauntingly powerful. You don’t have to be black to feel it. You don’t have to be an African to feel it. You just have to be there and know of people’s suffering and strength still in those walls to feel it. There is connection there from past to present to future, from black to white and every color inbetween, from country to country, and from generation to generation as children like Obama’s daughters learn about their ancestors’ slave history.

This coincidental connection of place and time has drawn my attention to a meaningful anniversary, one which reminds me of the goals I used to have, goals I have achieved, goals I have yet to achieve and new goals I have since laid out – all based on a journey I took one year ago.

In honor of this anniversary, my latest goal among many is to revive my writing, to tend to the importance of my own experience, to share it with anybody who cares to follow and, most importantly, to honor those friends made throughout my journey who have significantly shaped the person I am today.

I thank you for bearing witness to my story.