Okay, so…

We, as the parental units to a pair of persistent cats, know several behavioral issues that should make life easier if we heed that knowledge and use it wisely.

  • We know that our cats have a love affair with plastic wrap.
  • We know that our cats are insatiably curious.
  • We know that our cats enjoy heights like, say, the top of the fridge.

So, why did this happen?

Ritz Wreckage

This happened because a tempting box of Ritz Crackers was left, in plastic sleeves of glory, on top of said fridge for all cats to see, confiscate, and shred.

Now, the mess pictured above was actually secondary. After scolding the cats, clearing the scene of animals, and snapping a tattle photo before cleaning up, I later found what I believe to be the first scene.

Why do I suspect this stairwell floor picnic happened first? Because, when I heard the damage being done upstairs, I stopped the madness, cleaned everything and secured what was left. This had to take place beforehand, in a location where sound was deadened … like two rooms away, around the corner and down the stairwell. I seriously thought I heard the birds exercising their wings in the back office. Add deception to the every growing list of our cats’ skills.

Ritz Wrecker

I could go on and on about how my husband and I know better than to leave our food exposed… but one of us snack-mongers is having a bad day and should be cut some slack.

I enlisted the help of an eager assistant, who easily doubles as a Hoover, and have since gone about my day.

Ritz Watchers Ritz Cleaner

And to think I actually struggled with what to write about this morning …