Please give a warm welcome to author Peggy Frezon. She’s here to talk about her brand new memoir, Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life; Two Full Figures and Unconditional Love (Amazon affiliate link).

Before we begin, let me share a bit about what this book is about…

Dieting with My Dog - Peggy Frezon

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Dieting with My Dog is the honest and heartfelt story of how one overweight woman and her chubby spaniel struggled to get fit and healthy together. Theirs was a comfortable routine. While Frezon’s children were flying the nest, her loyal rescue pup snuggled close. Sneaking M&Ms from her secret stash, she would slip Kelly extra doggy cookies too. Why not? Food is love. But then, Kelly became the motivating factor that led Frezon to face down the physical and emotional reasons for her overeating, and for over-feeding her dog. She learned that embracing change is healthy, and everything is easier with unconditional love.

Peggy Frezon and KellyNow that you’re familiar with the premise, I introduce to you, the fabulous Peggy Frezon!

Hello, Peggy, and thank you for being here. I’m eager to read your book and the description alone has me very curious. What did this journey toward your dietary goals mean for you and your dog? Better yet, let me break this down…

What first steps did you and Kelly take to get healthy?

I totally changed our diets. I switched to low fat, whole grains, fruits and veggies. I learned what to look for in dog food ingredients. And most importantly, I learned to measure how much food I gave her…not just “one scoop.”

You understood the goal, but Kelly didn’t. How did Kelly first react to the shift in her daily routine?

Most of it she loved, because we were walking together and getting more active together, and she really responded to that. About the diet, she still seems to get hungry in the evening, but now instead of “second dinner,” she gets baby carrots, and that does the trick!

 Did you feel guilty about placing Kelly in this position, and was it difficult to withhold the extra and familiar treats from her?

I felt guilty when I discovered that my lifestyle was affecting Kelly. The food I brought into the house…my sedentary habits…none of that was good for either of us. But, fortunately, we changed before any real health problems occurred for her. I had some of my own, but she was in a bit better shape. I still struggle not to reward her with cookies. I give her extra attention, carrots, playtime. But our relationship with food is complicated, and it is hard to erase that message “Food is love.”

Did you empathize with Kelly and thus find understanding for your own wants or was her wanting your wanting?

Dieting together, Kelly and I bonded and grew to understand we were working toward the same goal. When I saw how much Kelly loved her walks, it made me want to get out there and enjoy them with her. And she often nudges me to take a bread from work. Actually she more than nudges…she slaps her paw down on the keyboard to tell me when it’s time to get up and get active!

How did it feel to achieve your goals, both toward yourself and toward Kelly?

It felt great to know we could do something important together. Of course, we have to keep working. Losing weight, and keeping it off, is a lifelong challenge. But I’m glad I have such a great partner to share it with!

Thank you, Peggy, for taking the time to be here today. We wish you and Kelly well on your continuing adventure!

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Our dogs, Shamus and Emmett, were invited to be in Peggy’s book trailer back in March. It was tremendous fun we being a small part of the enormous pack of participating dogs. Thank you for the opportunity, Peggy!

And these were the adorable resulting trailers: