I Still Love You

Dear Blog, About Our Relationship…

Oh, This One Wild Life, our passions once ran so deep that the story of our love spilled effortlessly over countless pristine white sheets. Hand in hand, we ignited a fire within the hearts of even our most distant of blogging friends. We planned to change the world together, and we did our best to try but, somewhere along the way, that blaze was dampened to a smoldering ember until… I’m sorry, This One Wild Life, but can’t you see? We’ve been losing our spark for some time.

Just look at past letters to the Pet Blogger Challenge, evidence of our dimming light…

2011 Pet Blogger Challenge
Beyond the Honeymoon.
Our relationship once reached toward limitless horizons representing all that life had to offer – until your  animal welfare addictions and product review promises eclipsed my vast and varied interests. I began to resent your commitment to others over your commitment to my desires. I ached to indulge in South American travel logs and fully flesh out Ghanaian volunteer notes into colorful adventures with you by my side. These needs utterly starved for your attention. 

2012 Pet Blogger Challenge
The Others. They Make Me Sick.
When your heart was hacked by a ruthless interloper, I was chronically ill at the time, struggling through my sickness to rebuild your trust. I devoted months of determination to revive the contents of your soul — only to have you, my love, relentlessly courted by and committed to brands who cared nothing about your true interests the way that I did. Engagement with other blogs seemed my only recourse, an open relationship without selling myself out. “I could love my blog deeply and monogamously again, but I think we should start seeing other people,” I said. I hoped you would notice my wandering eye, but that didn’t work for either of us. 

2013 The Doggone Dirt on Pet Blogging
The Final Throw Down
In a fit of malcontent, I threw out every 2013 Challenge question and threw down my top five bitter blogging gripes. Point #4 was “Pushy Product Review Requests? Lick My Cat.” 83 comments roared up in a chorus that proved I was not alone in my growing frustration. Hallelujah! But somebody was ready for a full-blown time out. I broke from your lackluster embrace, the one I once loved, only casually falling back into bed with you when I needed a good friend to talk to. The heart wants what the heart wants.

It’s difficult to admit but, what one thing made me most proud about my blogging in 2013? 


Living my life without reporting back to… who? Who would miss me when I was gone? You? I’m not fishing for kindness here. I celebrate the answer. Nobody. To realize that, I finally felt FREE.


In order to move forward with my life, I forgave myself, This One Wild Life, and I hope you can too…

  • for allowing you to dictate the direction of my every thought for years.
  • for pimping out my beautiful animals.
  • for selling products that nobody cares about.
  • for making myself so sick of dog topics, I cringe at all I see.
  • for hogtying myself to a specific niche, neglecting my many other interests.

And I accept your apology, This One Wild Life,

  • for always begging that your insatiable pages be filled, asking for more when I had nothing left to give.
  •  for changing the locks, making me hang my head in shame as I asked the admin for access previously granted.
  • for your shitty response time when I tried to reconcile. (Although, even now, you load with hesitance. We truly must work on this.)
  • for your constant quirks and needy updates.


In all honesty, I’ve missed you, my darling blog. I never stopped loving the stories we crafted and shared together. I’m still drawn to the shape of your layout and the bright shade of your accent, the way you caress my words between your borders.

I’ll eagerly meet you half way, freely giving gobs of love toward your animal interests. Please, just tell me you’ll support my non-animal desires, too, entertaining musings from human experience. (I’ve finally started compiling notes this week, six years after visiting Africa. Exciting, no?)

However this happens, if this happens, can we agree to swirl our toes around in these crisp, cool, new waters, drawing in a fresh breath of air as our flirtatious giggling is carried on a light breeze? If this can’t fuel our souls with passion once more, I want no part. We each deserve better than mediocrity, as do those who bear witness to our re-blooming love. We deserve full immersion in amazement at the world around us, our booming, ecstatic voices rising over the dull din of white noise. We deserve all that This One Wild Life has to offer. And we shall take it and claim it as our own or be forever silenced by the golden mean.

Pet Blogger's ChallengeThank you for reading my post in the Fourth Annual Pet Blogger Challenge exploring the community’s hows, whys, what’s working and what’s not as we blog about animals. Hosted by Amy Burkert at GoPetFriendly.com and Edie Jarolim from Will My Dog Hat Me?, together, they organized this project (with a little badge designed by me).