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I love keepsakes. I was creating elaborate scrapbooks before scrapbooks were cool. As my shelves sag under the weight of history, my keepsakes are now obsessively digitized, filling nearly a terabyte with photos, news clippings, childrens’ drawings, concert tickets, and home movies. Still, nothing connects us with what we hold dear like an old-fashioned photograph.

… unless it’s a photo-frame bracelet.


Visiting, I logged in, uploaded photos of my animals, and saved my new bracelet project. It was so easy! Then, tragedy struck. Before making my purchase, I accidentally dropped my camcorder to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. (Yes, I’m still publicly flogging myself for this.) With the financial burden of replacement, the bracelet was put on hold – until the Pet Book Lady, Lisa Taron, sent a note:

Hey Kim! … I’ll order your bracelet tomorrow! I want to make sure you get it in time for Blogpaws West. Thanks for all that you do!

I was floored by such a generous gesture. Lisa and I have been following each other online for months, each doing our part to improve the lives of animals in need. In fact, Lisa donates a percentage of each bracelet sale to her local shelter – which is also what I loved about it.

Lisa knew it was important for me to bring my animal family (in some way, shape or form) to the pet blogger’s convention I’m attending in Denver. Within days, the box arrived and the shiny new contents shone in the sun featuring all my favorite faces. The timing was perfect and the bracelet simply gorgeous – not to mention so very meaningful to me.


Did you think I’d flaunt my bling without offering you a chance to get some for yourself? Never!

BraceletSign up this week for a free account at and you’ll be entered to win one of these personalized keepsakes too! This beautiful handmade bracelet keeps photos of the entire family (animal or people) close at hand.

Its features:

  • Six-photo frames
  • Handmade silver-tone plated
  • Strung on heavy duty stretch cord
  • Keeps its shape and size for years
  • Shipped with photos inserted
  • 7-inch bracelet with upgrade to 7.75-inch
  • Not intended for children 12 or under

What are you waiting for? Sign up today at!

Of course, if you prefer to purchase a bracelet rather than leave things to chance, act quickly. This item won’t be available after October. While you’re there, browse through the other great keepsake and gift ideas available. Trust me,they aren’t just for pets!

NOTE: I received no compensation to review this product. The opinions expressed herein are my honest assessment based on observation and personal experience using the free sample I received.