I talk to my pets. I know it soothes my soul more than theirs. In fact, I recently told Shamus, the Newf, “I bet you’d prefer if we just cuddled and never spoke again. In fact, humans might better relate if we just stopped talking and cuddled too.”

But that’s not true, for us or our pets. We all communicate intricate messages back and forth, even when we don’t use words.

Shamus and Emmett


Bethanne Elion, author of Memoirs of the Bathtub Psychic – The True Story of a Clairvoyant and Her Dogs (affiliate link), once asked my aloof Newf what he thought of our newly adopted, rambunctious hound. The Newf’s response was simple, “He’s loud.”

The thought that humans can communicate with animals is mind-bending in and of itself, but this answer had me equally perplexed. Our hound, Emmett, rarely barks, howls only when provoked and, for months, he spent every waking hour stealthily stealing and shredding household items. It’s the Newf that barks non-stop at deer, squirrels, rabbits, and now our new resident porcupine.

Bethanne translated for me. “No, Shamus says Emmett’s brain is loud.”

That made more sense. Emmett is always thinking about where to find trouble fun. According to Bethanne, that’s what Shamus picks up on.

I can’t talk to animals and they can’t speak to me, but I have no doubt they can speak among themelvess.  That’s why I’m so glad our 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 birds have each other. It’s always better with multiples (or more).

PETS ADD LIFE! For Humans and Each Other

PAL Pets

New Pets Add Life videos show what multiple pets might banter about, from a lizard’s most simple pleasure in life, the heat rock, to a dog’s greatest joy, butt sniffing, and the cats’ thrill of the kill – something humans just don’t get. The campaign’s mission is to promote the many joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership and the bonds that pets have with one another. I’d say they’re “spot on.”

Check e’m out.

Lizard Video:

Dog Video:

Cat Video:

Which is your favorite?

I’m a total fan of them all, but the cats and lizards are tied for first place. Maybe. Dog Butts is pretty great too. Which do you like best?

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.