Wilbur in Frog PoseHave an awesome picture of your pitbull in “frog pose?” Submit it and your dog could be a calendar pin-up pup just like Wilbur, the island-hopping Pittie (note the photo), from Two Pitties in the City!


Sales of the 2012 Pitties in Frog Pose Calendar, a project conceived by The Road Dogs, will benefit organizations that help pitbulls. Eligible organizations offer rescue, adoption, fostering, medical care, training, and/or education for the many dogs who fit the vague term “pit bill.” One such organization is BAD RAP. BAD RAP’s Founders, Donna Reynolds and Tim Racer, are responsible for the evaluation and rescue of Michael Vick’s dogs, among many others, and a huge component of their rescue work involves educating the public.


Why were The Road Dogs inspired to help pitbulls? Pack leader, Deanne Pace, wrote this about fighting deadly Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) for July’s Blog the Change event (hosted by our very own Be the Change for Animals):

Many breed specific ordinances focus on the way a dog looks rather than the breed of the dog. Why? Because accurate “pit bull” identification is difficult, if not impossible. These ordinances are worded so broadly in order to include ANY dog that simply resembles a “pit bull.” In addition, some towns have restrictions on “dangerous” dogs and include many breeds in this category. Check out Understand-A-Bull for breeds affected by BSL. You might be surprised!


While the Pitties in Frog Pose Calendar is in need of sponsors and advertisers, their first step is to secure a collection of your awesome and adorable, high resolution Pitties in Frog Pose photos! Get them in by September 15, 2011 and your pup could make the cut. For full submission details, visit Pitbullfrogs.com. All adorable frog poses will be posted on the Pit Bull Frogs Photo Page so everyone can see.


The Road Dogs explain…

Now, if you’re not a Pittie, you might be saying “Whoa, just wait a minute there!  Why just Pitties?!  We do a great Frog Pose!”  But, just hold that thought, ’cause if we can make this calendar happen, we would LOVE to do a Frog Pose calendar featuring any and all dogs.  We decided on Pitties for the first one ’cause we just really wanted to show the lovable, snuggable side of these sometimes misunderstood pups so that lots of people could see it and we thought – aha! a calendar!


Having fostered and adopted out a lovely pitbull named Petey, and finding homes for countless others, this household has a real soft spot for pitties. We wish nothing but the best for this project.

Please. Spread the word, send in your photos, and offer sponsorship or advertising to our friends where you can. Thanks a bunch!