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Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers is a lovely memoir by Holli Pfau. My copy recently arrived, free for review, and has not only been my trusty companion through four airport excursions, it has graced my nightstand both at home and out of state.

Holli’s journey begins during a course of great change, the kind of change that moves slowly, deliberately, and etches deep meaning in the soul. At the milestone age of forty, after adopting a wise, gentle and inspirational Golden Retriever pup named Nikki, Holli leaves a career in marketing and advertising to search for something more meaningful . While she works toward a second degree in recreational therapy, she has faith that her old soul of a dog – who has reached a milestone of her own at the tender age of 1 – will lead the way.

Together, Holli and Nikki (with moral support from Holli’s husband), co-found a nationally recognized program of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) at Huntington Memorial Hospital, in Pasadena, CA. Holli’s tellings of the joy that Nikki brings to specific patients shine pure light into the vignettes presented here.

These early chapters could easily have been expanded into a book of their own (which might have impacted me more), but this leap into therapy was just the first in a long line of dog-led life adjustments.
Holli, Daisy, and ChatterWhile early chapters transcend dog and handler via the many lives Holli and Nikki so meaningfully touch, the story truly engages the heart as family relationships becomes more prevalent.

Holli and her husband give each of their rescued dogs a chance to be discovered, to be truly seen for who they are, and to have a meaningful impact. Together they take us across adventurous landscapes where we encounter rattle snakes, wildfires and beautiful, reflective solitude.

As time marches on, older dogs (and sometimes even younger dogs) move beyond this earthly life, bringing tears with each loss. And yet that sorrow is eased each time by the introduction of a new, shining, golden personality. Holli’s fears and insecurities become exciting triumphs, both great and small, all with the help of her glorious Goldens. This book offers ringside seats for every precious moment.

Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers is available on Amazon.com (affiliate link) and has already hit the bestseller list in Durango, CO. But Holli isn’t strictly interested in numbers. She is a passionate advocate for adoption of dogs in need. Her hope is that her story will encourage others to adopt and support rescue efforts for all breeds.

For more about Holli and her book, visit www.puregoldbook.com.



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