Road to Rescue Best Practices ManualHave you ever wanted to start a dog rescue? Or, have you thought, “How can I best help the organization I devote my time to?” In either case…


Inside, you’ll find invaluable and comprehensive advice from more than 20 successful private rescue organizations and animal welfare societies around the United States.

This unique collaboration project,  a treasure trove for rescue founders, volunteers, and adopters alike, was spearheaded by Kyla Duffy of Up for Pups, and it explains the history of rescue, shares fundraising ideas, provides application tools, offers tips on socializing fearful dogs and explains how to file for 501(c)3 non-profit status.

The Road to Rescue  purpose is threefold:

  • It helps you “do rescue right,” from the start.
  • It provides your existing rescue with a “measuring stick” and new ideas for maximum effectiveness.
  • It offers a foundation to evaluate the effectiveness of you rescue, useful information when courting donors and applying for grants.


To help rescues save the most lives possible, the eBook download is free. 117 pages of content come with access over 100 pages of online document examples. Download here. But consider this…


Buy Road to Rescue in paperback for $29.95
(Get $5 off below for a limited time. See below.)

You’ll hugely benefit from access to editable base documents (in .doc format), allowing you to tailor them to your specific rescue needs without reinventing the wheel. (And no download compares with the ability to bookmark favorite sections, make notes in the margins and share with volunteers.) Included are:

  • Articles of Organization for a 501(c)3
  • Bylaws
  • Conflict of Interest policy
  • Surrender contract/form
  • Intake/evaluation form (should only be used after a dog is evaluated using your rescue’s evaluation procedure)
  • Volunteer/foster application
  • Foster contract
  • Foster welcome kit template
  • Adoption application
  • Adoption contract

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In the spirit of saving lives, please share this information far and wide. For more on Road to Rescue, visit Up for Pups.

If you like the work that went into this manual, please, consider a donation  toward the effort. Thank you.


Having searched for rescue resources myself, I found previously existing print information to be limited and/or localized. Watching Road to Rescue unfold from the start, it was a true pleasure to preview the final product, a labor of love that reads as an easy to understand, step-by-step how-to. Binding so many successful ideas together, ideas that have functioned well in many situations and across various demographics, is what makes this manual truly unique.

I couldn’t be more proud to see my original response quoted on the paperback.

…This is so utterly different. The manual is so well written, offers so much thoughtful input from various successful rescues, and brings up points that are worthy of referencing again and again. I just LOVE it!

– Kim Clune, Be the Change for Animals