Sensible Feline I’m happy to introduce the Sensible Feline Blogger Edition, a free, online resource for cat lovers written by cat lovers.

The Sensible Feline Blogger Edition provides 13 articles with plenty of useful, healthful and even trendy cat knowledge spanning from weight issues to fun ways to furnish your cat-inhabited home. Each post highlights feline products and care tips that just make good sense.

These articles are brought you by bloggers you know and trust and I feel I am in great company as a contributor myself. The full catalog includes:

Sensible FelineTake Paws: A Case Against Declawing
by This One Wild Life

Easy Tips for Slimming Down Your Fat Cat
by Life with Cats

11 Tips for a Safe and Stylish Kitty Home
by I Have Cat

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Cat’s Care
by CatTipper

Why Cats Do the Things They Do
by Pet News and Views

Making Vet Visits Less Stressful for Your Cat
by aFURmation

Dental Hygiene in Cats
by FloppyCats

Don’t Fear the Virus: FIV is not a Tragedy
by Paws and Effect

Overcoming the Litterbox Blues
by Romeo the Cat

Join Me. Save a Life.
by Covered in Cat Hair

10 Beauty Secrets for a Healthy and Happy Cat
by Paper Bag and String

Feline Diabetes: The Importance of Home Blood Glucose Testing
by The Tiniest Tiger

Sponsored by World’s Best Cat Litter™, the goal of Sensible Feline Blogger Edition is to make your life easier and your cat’s life happier and healthier. My participating friends and I hope our involvement will benefit you and your cat!