Shamus in the PoolI’m having a terrific time at the Blogpaws convention in Denver. Talk about jumping in with both feet! Connecting with bloggers sharing similar passions is priceless … as are the trade secrets shared in the halls after a few late-night drinks.

Shamus, the Newf, wouldn’t be much for jumping in with both feet. He’s not the biggest fan of immersion.Β In fact, ankle deep is about as wet as he likes to get.

In honor of the beautiful weather here in Denver, and because I miss my dog, I share with you a little summertime fun in the pool, when Shamus was intent on rescuing his endangered toys from a fate far worse than treatlessness.

This was shot last year, mind you, when Shamus was an only dog (and I forgot to cut my hair for about 6 months). I tried to show both him and Emmett some water fun in the sun this year, but they decided to suddenly fear the hose.