Do you have up or down cats? We happen to have one of each. Jackson prefers to gaze up at household happenings from the floor while Jed prefers to look down on his world from a position of power – usually from the top of the fridge by way of the counter.

Jed is the reason we graciously accepted our latest freebie for review: Sunny Seat, the window mounted cat bed. As seen on TV, this 12 x 22 inch cat bed attaches to glass windows or doors with no tools required and the cover is machine washable.

This is what it looks like out of the box.

Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed


Jackson Overseas Sunny Seat ConstructionI swear, I look at cat condos every single time I enter PetSmart but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money or give up the household space. Sunny Seat sits out of the way – because I can choose to place it out of the way – and offers my cats a perch without a big purchase.

The Sunny Seat  is easy to put together, as claimed. It took me longer to clean the window I attached it to. Jackson tried to help with directions but I didn’t need them. The tubes snapped together to form the main support, the cover slipped over top, suction cups attached to the window with nylon stings offering support. And that’s it.


Jed, being the Jedi Skywalker he is, took to it immediately. Contrary to the Sunny Seat name, the sun doesn’t have to shine for this seat to entertain, offering exciting views of the dogs playing in the yard as well as chipmunks and birds frequenting our garden.

We placed our Sunny Seat on the sun porch which has a view of the outdoors as well as the rest of the house. I think Jed appreciates the indoor/outdoor experience without leaving the safety of our home. And, if Jackson ever decides to leave his ground floor domain, this bed can hold both cats without issue.

Jed's Sunny Seat perch


I can’t find a single false claim for this Sunny Seat in the commercial below, although it doesn’t keep Jed off the furniture if the fridge counts. I loved seeing multiple beds demonstrated as climbing stairs. What a great idea! This is something I’d consider for our new summer cottage, a smaller space with less for the cats to do.


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