Tim and Shamus in ColonieTails on Trails, our dog socialization class hosted by Nassau Vet, visited The Crossings, a public park in Colonie, NY on May 2nd. Shamus and his dog pals had a terrific time healing, loose leash walking around the pond, playing Dog Baseball, and learning direction through light leash pressure while weaving between gazebo posts. In the end, they were all asked to climb on the outdoor furniture. Huzzah! What dog doesn’t like that?

Oh, and if you’ve never heard of Dog Baseball, it’s a pretty clever excercise. Each base is marked by a dog practicing “down stays.” The other dogs walk the bases performing certain tasks at each. Shamus, positioned at second, was asked to sit still while the others came through. At this, he excelled. What more could you expect from an aloof Newf?