It’s been a couple of months since I wrote about the racially charged controversy surrounding the Jena Six. My writing was nowhere near timely as precipitating events and racial tension in this small community began more than a year ago with arrests made as far back as December, but the story was just then beginning to percolate above ground. Coverage came from independent media sources such as Democracy Now! while mass media outlets wouldn’t touch it.

Yesterday, 20,000 activists marched in an act of civil disobedience through Jena, LA. People across America who could not make the journey wore green and black in support. And aside from one instance of “aggravated ignorance,” where nooses were displayed in neighboring Alexandria, LA, the result was impressive.

Today the media is BUZZING. “The Jena Six” is now a household phrase. One can only hope that increased knowledge and awareness will allow these boys to be treated fairly. 

America is watching.