Guilty KittensThis morning, my husband grumbled under his breath as he entered the bathroom. Another decimated roll of toilet paper lay strewn about the floor. “KITTEHS!”

Who could blame the cats really? That feathery white, loose end of the roll dances on the breeze of the open window, taunting our little cheetahs. I swear I’ve heard it calling them in a seductive whisper, “Here kitteh, kitteh, kitteh.” Really. The toilet paper is the culprit. My cats are innocent. You know toilet paper garners some pretty forceful power of suggestion when even the dogs are seduced.

Guilty Hound

Guilty Hound

For the sake of argument, let’s say the cats are at fault. The bathroom is situated at the far end of the house and we almost never see the carnage until the cats are long gone. The squirt bottle, which now groans from being overworked and underpaid, is useless in this situation. So, in an effort to thwart the cats’ game, we are left with being ever-vigilant about closing the bathroom door. Still, sometimes the wind blows it open or we forget to put the TP in the cupboard … which we have also started doing. (The toilet paper and the wind seem to be in cahoots. It was time we separated the two.)

I’d like to believe that this is just life with teenage cats, but I suspect I too may play a roll in bad behavior at times. I was told recently, “I just love how you sacrifice everything from potted plants to your ottoman for the sake of your blog.” Whew, am I glad to hear that! When my husband has finally had it with me and my cats’ lack of discipline, I’ll be sleeping on your couch.

That said, I present my latest video, “Sunday Morning (Toilet) Paper“…