Today, I woke to a message on a silly YouTube video of my cat, Jed, posted back in 2010 called “Cat Turns Treat Monster.” The note simply said, “So many people were brought here by ThisIsHorosho.”  It was the only recent comment – of many – in English, other than one that says “Russian Invasion!”

Having seen traffic from known sources like The Huffington Post, Cesar’s Way, and I Can Has Cheeseburger, I wondered who this Horosho person was. A quick Google/Wiki search (and a poor English to Russian translation) later, I learned a few things.

First, here’s the clip. Tim and I couldn’t stop laughing, even without a translation. I love that our Jed made the lead image even though he’s the third act of the show. Head to 2:38 for just our bit.


Stas DavidovThis is Horosho (“This is Great!”), hosted by Stas Davidov, airs on YouTube every Tuesday and Friday with nearly 1 million subscribers and 324+ million video views to date. Yesterday, Jed was one of three animals featured in episode #161. It already has 391,505 views – in a single day. And Stas put a direct link to my voracious little kitten from YouTube. Thanks, Stas! I’m sure glad I monetized THAT one.

What’s it all mean?

Oddly enough, I found a translation at

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov.
Today’s vids are all gonna be about animals.
I’m sorry, dear asian porno lovers.
Because internet people prefer animal videos or videos of people getting hurt. …

Imagine that it’s not a cat but you! And your mom is taking away your controller.
[c’mon mom, one last round!]


Or a cop when there’s no bribe coming
[lemme see some ID, Mr. Washington]


Or an apple fanboy on the first day of iPhone5 sales.
[zomg! 1,7mm thinner!!!]


And next to him there’s the user of other mobile phones.
[hmm, new iPhone]
[time to eat]


Thanks, Stas! Happy Saturday! That was WAY fun!

You can find the full transcription at, an awesome video translation resource.



If you’re curious, here’s my original video.
Nearly 825,000 cat lovers (or just plain humor fans) have seen it.
Have you?