The following is a portion of my acceptance letter from Village Volunteers sent August 24th.

Congratulations Kim,
We have reviewed your application and we are excited to offer you a spot in one of our partner rural village programs. I called after I read your application since you sounded wonderful… We are happy to work with you every step of the way to create a volunteer experience that is truly meaningful and full of wonderful people and heartfelt experiences. This is a big step and we understand the anxiety at choosing the right program for you. We do want you to know that once you are picked up at the airport, you will feel confident that your safety and well-being is a priority to us.

This letter gave me the greatest joy… until my conversation with Shana Greene, Village Volunteers’ Executive Director, surpassed every ounce of excitement I thought possible. We spoke for more than an hour about my goals and where I can best achieve them. Already acquainting myself with with several volunteers on Facebook, one specifically from Kenya’s Common Ground Program, Shana and I decided that this could be the perfect place for my stay. Not only will I be able to work with Kenyan families on the Memory Box Project, I may also be able to continue this blog, albeit with limited internet access.

One of my prime goals, aside from the obvious hands-on interaction, is to raise greater awareness. This blog may offer a window into an unfamiliar world while offering the ultimate transparency and insight into how donations are helping directly.

I look forward to Christmas break when I can better focus on which supplies will best help the village and who to solicit them from. Aside from school and medical supplies, I hear Barrack Obama campaign materials are a hot commodity.