This morning, my husband and I debated whether the apples were hitting the ground early. Almost all have fallen from the dog yard tree.  Tim swears this is normal but I just checked my personal almanac – a video of our dogs picking the last of the apples in ’09. It was filmed on OCTOBER 5th.

Last I checked, we are smack dab in the middle of August, famous for the high heat and humidity known as the dog days of summer. On Friday’s drive home from the Jersey Shore where the average temperature was in the mid 90s, the digits dropped steadily as we neared Albany, NY. Upstate trees along the Taconic were yellowing. Some had gone so far as to turn RED! Don’t believe me? These pictures were taken in our front yard this morning.


Isn’t this a bit early for a seasonal shift? Apparently so.’s article, “Fall Comes Early to New England,” dated August 5th, 2010 says:

In one fell swoop, residents and tourists of New York State and New England will push the clock ahead; seasons turning from summer right into the heart of fall.

ACK! NO! As much as I love the fall, I am not ready to relinquish summer. Not yet.

Who else is experiencing weather oddities and anomalies? Do tell!

MISSING THE DOG DAYS: Since this year’s footage of our apple-picking dogs is at the bottom of the ocean, I leave you with a rerun from last year when Shamus and Emmett were in their apple-eating glory. Next year, I’ll bet they learn to climb the trunk!