Straw Man Mustache

Move over, Movember. You’ve got nothing on May’s wild mustaches sported by squirrels, phoebes, robins and tree swallows!

But if Movember is when men grow and women support a Mo (moustache) to become walking, talking billboards for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives, what’s the wildlife rallying for? Do we call this Moy or is next month Mune?

We’ve named the magnificent moustachios seen on Curtis Hill. Share your own ideas below!

1.) Social Climber

Social Climber Moustache

2.) “Can’t Touch This” Stache

Cant Touch This Stache

3.) The Streamer

The Streamer Moustache

4.) The Last Straw

The Last Strand Stache

5.) The Papa

The Papa Stache

6.) The Standup Stache

The Standup Stache

7.) The Grasshopper

The Grasshopper Moustache

8.) The Getaway

The Getaway Stache