WatchmenI won’t be submitting this as the “best blog post ever.” I’m on hyper drive. Must sleep. For now some initial thoughts…

Book X, 8-9: Ozy, Nite Owl and Rorschach are all watching the world, trying to find “patterns,” “order and structure.” Ozy does it to turn a profit but he’s supposed to the be the smartest. I guess it makes you wonder how smart he is if the world is going to collapse as he knows it and money probably won’t matter. The other two misfits seems to get the bigger picture. The difference between Nite Owl and Rorschach is that Rorschach has the most organic approach – hands on.

Book X, 8-9: ¬†Aren’t they just a couple of warm and fuzzy guys.

Book X, 12-13: Apocalyptic view of comic book of two (not four) horses and reference to Doomsday in Book of “Revolutions”…
The hands on the clock go
round and round
round and round
round and round
the hands on the clock go….

Book X, 20: “Egyptian decor coloring logic” for Rorschach. Past has no place in present and future? Hinders progress perhaps? Reminder of death undisturbed. Not working here concerning murder. Distrust of fascination with relics.

Book X, 20: Veidt. That prick! Rorschach unsure about ass kicking abilities when knowledge is power.

Book X, 20: Journal irony. Buried under junk mail avalanche. Dumbass. READ IT!

Book X, 26: Nite Owl and Rorschach have a snow day! Not horses, but there are two of them riding toward an end. Hurm.

Book X, scrapbook: Veidt – IS he what capitalism comes to? All or nothing marketing schemes based on war? Oh yeah, Iraq. Say no more, say no more. As for the Veidt Method, the dude talks about spiritual disciplines – Hurm.

Book XI, XII, XIII – will have to wait til morning. Oh. It IS morning. Scratching my watch and winding my ass – so tired.